Our Services
Few words about our services


Dentistry, including scaling, polishing, extractions.


We have an in-house lab which can diagnose many problems within minutes.


Advanced Digital imaging technique for diagnosis.

Reproductive Services

We have doctors with expertise in timing of ovulation, artificial insemination, insemination of chilled and frozen semen. In addition, we can perform pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound and treatments for infertility.


Surgeries including soft tissue surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery. We also perform the following procedures

  • ACL Repairs
  • FHO (Femoral head and neck osteotomy)
  • Medial Patellar Luxation Repair.
  • Bone pinning and plating
  • Foreign body removals from stomach
  • Foxtail removals from nose, ear, eye and paws.
  • GDV/Bloat repair
  • C- Sections
  • Abscess & Laceration Repairs
  • Hernia repairs etc


Puppy/Kitten care, Economical Puppy/Kitten exams and vaccinations.


A good network of local experts is available to us for second opinions. We don’t hesitate to call specialists when the health of your pet is at stake .