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Veterinary Technician Assistant

As a dedicated veterinary technician assistant and devoted mother of eight, Jaquetta "Que" LeBlue brings passion and compassion to both her professional and personal life. With a special love for French Bulldogs, she has cultivated a career in animal care while maintaining a bustling household. During her career, Jaquetta has honed her skills in veterinary medicine, providing essential care to animals under her watch. Whether assisting in surgeries, administering treatments, or educating pet owners, she exhibits a deep commitment to the well-being of furry companions. Off-duty, Jaquetta transitions seamlessly into the role of a full-time mom. With eight children and a pack of Frenchies, her days are filled with joy, chaos, and boundless love. She thrives in creating a nurturing environment where both kids and pets can flourish. In rare moments of respite, Jaquetta indulges in personal interests. From tackling schoolwork to enjoying music, every spare second is cherished. Whether it's a study session or a dance party with the kids, her days are characterized by enthusiasm and an unyielding dedication to her family. Jaquetta "Que" LeBlue embodies the ethos of balancing professional excellence with unwavering family commitment. Her journey exemplifies the beauty of merging career aspirations with the joys of parenthood, creating a life brimming with purpose and fulfillment.

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