Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay and Neuter Surgery from Central Boulevard Veterinary Hospital

Spay and neuter are terms used to refer to the surgical procedure that leaves animals without the ability to reproduce. A female animal undergoes spaying, that is, an ovariohysterectomy while male animal castration is referred to as neutering. Generally, the word neutering is used for both genders. 

At Central Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, we offer discounted pricing on Spay and Neuter surgeries. All Spay and Neuter surgeries include a pre-anesthetic blood panel, intravenous fluids, anesthesia, the surgical procedure, pain management, and antibiotics.

Why spay or neuter?

Spaying or neutering your cat or dog can go a long way in eradicating pet homelessness across the country. This prevents the putting down of millions of cats and dogs that couldn’t find a home. The benefits of spaying and neutering go beyond preventing pet homelessness.

Heat cycles are eliminated by removing the ovaries of female cats or dogs as well as reducing the associated bad behaviors that frustrate owners. The breeding instinct in male cats and dogs is reduced by removing their testes, leading to a reduction in the inclination to roam around looking for mates.

Some serious health problems can be prevented in female cats and dogs through early spaying. Examples of such problems include breast cancer and uterine infections. In male cats and dogs, the risk of experiencing testicular cancer and enlarged prostate glands can be reduced through neutering.

The procedure at our veterinary hospital in Brentwood, CA is affordable and does not affect your pet’s ability to hunt, learn, or play. It tends to make pets more desirable companions as they better behave after the surgical removal.

When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Dogs are traditionally neutered at the age of six to nine months with healthy puppies being neutered when they are eight weeks old. Adult dogs can be neutered but care has to be taken to avoid any complications due to health and weight issues.

Spaying or neutering is considered safe for kittens that are older than eight weeks. It is advised that cats should be sterilized before the age of five months to avoid urine spraying and pregnancy.

Our veterinarian in Brentwood, CA can be consulted in order to deduce the most appropriate time to spay and neuter. The veterinarian will make a judgment based on your pet’s physical condition, age, and breed. The veterinarian will also assess the health risks posed by the procedure. Do not wait until your pet experiences their first heat cycle.

Veterinarians provide pre-surgical advice such as a suitable nutritional diet as well as post-operative instructions to ensure a successful sterilization process.

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