Puppy Veterinary Packages in Brentwood

Puppy Packages In Brentwood

Puppy Package: Now $650

Regular price: $747


  1. Exams x 2
  2. 5-series of Da2pp vaccine
  3. Bordetella vaccine
  4. Deworming x 2
  5. Rabies vaccine (juvenile 1-year)
  6. Fecal test x 2
  7. Heartworm test (at 6 months of age)
  8. Nail trim x 2
  9. Technician service fees
  10. Biohazard fees

Pet experts recommend maintaining a regular schedule of vaccinations to prevent pets from acquiring common illnesses that can threaten their health and lead to expensive veterinary bills. These vaccines have been thoroughly tested and are safe for pets to receive, to help them maintain good health throughout their lives. 

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