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Lead Veterinary Assistant

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Marlena has always loved animals from the time she was little and grew up with birds, fish, rats, hamsters, turtles, snakes, cats, dogs, and more in her household. She attended Veterinary Technician school at Carrington College and has worked in Emergency and Critical Care for the past 11 years. She joined the Central Boulevard family in 2020, and her knowledge and experience has made her a dedicated senior Technician who is highly focused on caring for both her patients and their owners. Marlena also loves to foster rescue animals, and she currently owns a Basset Hound named Valentina that she adopted from a Southern California rescue organization. She is happily married to her husband Jose, has two children, and loves to go on outdoor adventures, visit crystal shops, and Netflix + chill in her downtime.

Marlena is a Certified Fear Free Professional and is also certified in RECOVER Initiative Advanced Life Support.

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